Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our New Girl

We had a death in the family this summer. Our little girl dog got hit by a car. I guess that's part of having farm dogs. They get the freedom to run around and you risk losing them. Well, we did. It was my Snuggle Bug's little girl dog. The girl. I didn't know the impact she had on the other two boys until she was gone. The boys really don't like each other. But for her, they got along. Without her around, they quit playing. One disappeared into the orchard. The other just lounged around all day... sighing.

Until we found her. The Snuggle Bug thought long and hard about her name. He named her Missy. And it fits. She's fun and playful. And so sweet!

When we got her she was just 6 weeks old. She's bigger now. And when folks meet her, they say she's the gentlest puppy they've ever met. I think she's just precious. And the boy dogs like her too. She's playful and they are so gentle with her. They even argue over her! What a princess. She'll fit right in.
Welcome to the family, Missy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Time No See... er... Write

Howdy! Long time, no see! Things have been busy and I've been struggling with what to blog. It's an interesting process to make the commitment to start a blog. At first you have all these great ideas about what to say. Then as you say what you thought would be fun to say, you wonder what else there is to talk about. So while I was waiting for something phenomenal to happen to me so I could be entertaining on my blog, I quit writing.

My other struggle is with photos. I like to put photos out there. A blog with no photos is like a gift without the wrapping paper. And country living means slow Internet. So I have been impatient waiting. Instead of waiting, I quit writing.

And here we are. No writing. No pictures. No blog. BLAH! Sorry, Trish. I've missed you too. Let's see if we can get this thing going again, eh?