Thursday, June 18, 2009

Girlie Day

The Doodlebug was invited to a birthday party... a Princess party. I was under the impression that all 4 year old girls were princesses so I didn't think much of the invitation.

When we arrived, I learned it was a glamour party... you know, hair, makeup, nails... but small town style. I had seen pictures of my sister Trish's girls doing this and thought it looked fun! I never imagined a swanky place for that in my little small town.

When we arrived, the Doodlebug spent the first 20 minutes shopping. The party was in a side room of a cutsie little boutique so we had to shop and touch everything in the store before truly enjoying herself in the party. Geeh... I wonder where she gets that?!?

The birthday girl got all dolled up first. She has this amazing head of curly hair and it just piled right up so nicely on her head. She was really enjoying the dress up and make up. She doesn't have three brothers.

The Doodlebug finally got her chance in the beauty chair. Pink. Pink. Pink. Pink eyeshadow. Pink lip stuff (that she wiped off immediately cuz it felt funny) and pink nail polish. We challenged the hair lady with the Doodlehair. It hasn't spent a lot of time in a brush... or growing for that matter. The hair lady offered to put lots of ponytails on her head. I don't think the Doodlebug fully understood what was happening, because after about 6 pigtails, she very politely said, "That's enough. Please, stop." And then she ripped them all out. That's my girl.

Everyone was interviewed after being dolled up. The Doodlebug's stage name was Barbie and she held that mike the entire time she was there. She loved the thing. Note to self: Next time we are in Michael's, buy a Styrofoam mike. Provides hours of entertainment.

I was so happy for my Doodlebug to be invited to such a girlie party. The brothers stayed home... happily... and we had a little girl time. It was really a great time!


Mama On The Move said...

Too cute!

Chera said...

What a neat idea for a party!! Glad you enjoyed some girly time!!! ;o)