Friday, May 1, 2009

My Baby Had Another Birthday

Here's my Baby... 2 years ago. I love this picture! He was so tiny. My smallest boy. And so alert at 2 days old.

Then at one, he was just a little explorer. He was movin' and shakin'. And talkin' my ear off. Some things don't change in a year.

Saturday, we celebrated his birthday... as well as the Doodlebug's recital and Chojuk's Blue and Gold Banquet. It was a busy day. But we made sure to open presents. The Doodlebug supervised. See the hands on hips? She's in training for middle management.

My Snugglebug was excited about every gift and pushed him on to the next gift. I think he was secretly hoping something in there would hold some interest to him. The Doodlebug, however, genuinely was interested in every thing he got. More toys for her.

This classic was a hit. It's now in a million pieces all over my living room floor. But it was fun while it lasted. I guess that's a lesson for the Baby of the family. If you want it to remain in one piece, don't share!
Happy Birthday to My Baby!

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Nicole said...

Happy birthday Baby! Pretty soon you'll have to think of a new nickname! :(
I love the picture of him in your precious.