Friday, April 24, 2009

The Holy Spirit Blesses the Nutty Forest

Yesterday, my Snugglebug and I were out at the barn. When we walked in, we spooked a dove. She flew right into the window and dropped to the ground. I hate when birds do this. Not knowing what else to do, I call to the Snugglebug, my resident animal lover, and ask him to rescue the dove. He very gently walked over to her, and picked her up. She flew down a few feel to the floor. He picked her up again. And again, she flew to the floor. We finally managed to get her out of the barn and into the grass, but she just couldn't seem to take flight. I thought if we could catch her, and put her in a box until the Nutty Papa got home, she'd be safe... at least from the dogs.

We went searching for her in the yard and couldn't find her. Finally the Snugglebug ran back to the house to tell his big brother, Chojuk. He listened carefully to his little brother share his story and suddenly interrupted. "Wait a minute... wait a minute. Did you say a DOVE? The dove is the bird that God sent as the Holy Spirit. THAT'S THE HOLY SPIRIT!! WE HAVE TO GO FIND IT!!!" And out the door they flew.

Chojuk put his detective hat on. He'd seen someone feel the ground when searching for something before, so he did too. (Such a flare for the dramatics... I can't image where he gets that from.)

Finally they agreed to check the barn again. Maybe she had returned. She hadn't. I'm afraid she flew off to die... but I just can't bring myself to suggest that to them.

We went again this morning to check and see if she'd returned. The Doodlebug joined the adventure this time... she drove her gator and wore no clothes. Ah... the life of a country kid!

There was A dove in the nest... but there's no telling if it was THE dove. The kids were convinced it was her and that she's busy protecting her babies. Then we were all informed that the Holy Spirit is alive and well and living in the barn.

So if you are looking for her, you'll know where to send your prayers.


Melodi said...

How sweet! I love it..the country life. We had so much fun at my parents farm over spring break.

Mama On The Move said...

You made me laugh out loud today!!!

Nicole said...

What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it!

Andi said...

How sweet...your kids have such good hearts!