Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Wolf to Bear

Chojuk had his big Blue and Gold Banquet last weekend. (It was a busy weekend!) The Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts is where they give awards, and promotions, to the kids. Chojuk went from being a Wolf to a Bear.

These are his buddies. At A&M, your "buddies" are the folks you are in the Corps with. The ones who suffer through the tough stuff and celebrate the achievements with. I think it's safe to use that term with these guys.

This is our fearless leader and her son. She is fearless. And that woman thinks of everything! She is organized and on the ball. She doesn't miss a beat and doesn't let our boys miss one either! When we slow down as a den and don't feel like moving, she drags us through! Everyone should be as blessed as we are to have such a wonderful leader!

She found this cool ceremony for the boys to do at the banquet. They had their faces painted. Each stripe was unique to the level the boys had achieved and each stripe and color meant something. The Nutty Papa painted Chojuk's stripes so I could take pictures.

Chojuk loved having his face painted! He asked if we could do it again tomorrow. "Maybe for Halloween."
We had a fun time at our banquet! Now on to the Bear requirements...
Anyone know how to handle a knife?

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Nicole said...

Way to go Chojuk! Whoo hoo!