Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Coolest Thing EVER!

I had the coolest thing happen to me yesterday. I was so floored, I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I'll post some later. I am just so glad I live in a small town with the BEST neighbors EVER!

Yesterday I was taking the Doodlebug to her ballet class. As I drove down our half mile dirt driveway, I noticed the ruts and holes that I usually bump my way down were missing. MISSING! How did this happen? The holes were BIG. Enormous. And they were gone.

I thought I'd call the Nutty Papa and ask him if he knew what was going on, and I noticed a missed call from my Friendly Cotton Pickin' neighbor. No. Way. I had to call and see what was going on.

"Hello, Friendly Cotton Pickin' neighbor!"


"Were you on my driveway today?"

"Yes M'am."

Be still my heart! I just about broke out in tears!

Then he says, "I'm not done..." WHAT?!? "I was calling to tell you to drive on it... over and over so we can get that dirt packed down. Then I'll have to come back to fix more."

"Thank you so much! You just made my day!!!"

What an amazing thing to do for someone! We had someone, a professional, come in and tell us he'd fix it for $6000. And my Friendly Cotton Pickin' neighbor just does it! I don't think I'll ever be able to say thanks enough.

If I fall on my knees in prostration in front of him at the next T-ball game and sing his praises, is that a little over the top?

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Mama On The Move said...

What an awesome neighbor!!!