Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Broken Doodlebug

We have our second broken bone here in the Nutty Forest. The Doodlebug broke her collar bone. Well, she didn't actually break it herself. She had help. She and Chojuk were wresting on the trampoline and he fell on her. SNAP! It broke.

She's tough as nails though. She cried about it hurting for a while. Said it was her elbow that hurt. She couldn't point out where it hurt just that it did. So we took her in for X-rays and sure enough, it's a "green break." A green break is like a green twig trying to break. It bends as far as it can and then splits. It doesn't really snap in half. The doctors assure me that she'll be healed in 3 weeks. She'll still have the bone sticking out of her shoulder/neck area. (You can see it in the picture.) The Orthopedic surgeon said she'd repair it herself as she grew. I was especially concerned about prom. "Will she have this funky bump sticking out of her when we are shopping for dresses?" Nope. She'll be good as new by then. The bump will take time to straighten out.

In the meantime, she's getting lots of TLC.

Daddy's little princess.

And she's still dancing too. This is tutu day at the dance studio. They have a recital coming up and this is her costume. She's so excited! Hope you can all make it!


Wencked said...

such a good momma of her only little girl...worried about rock

Mama On The Move said...

Ouch! My collar bone hurts now!

Chera said...

Glad to hear she will be good as new soon...and she looks adorable in her tutu!!! ;o)