Friday, March 27, 2009

The Scientists Might Be Interested in This...

We've solved the mystery to cloning. We do it here at the Nutty Forest. And many of you commented on it. Take a look:

I might be able to fool some of you, if it weren't for the horrible wallpaper in the back ground. This is the Baby at 18 months.

This is his big brother, the Snugglebug at 18 months. Uncanny resemblance. I agree.

The Baby, again, with his baby doll.

The Snugglebug with HIS baby doll... A.K.A the Doodlebug. I know, I know. It's bizarre. They both look like the Nutty Papa. I don't have a picture of my handsome hubby from when he was 18 months old, but I imagine if I did, it'd look something like this. Pretty stinkin' cute, huh?

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