Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken Show

It's 4-H time again. The kids and I made our annual pilgrimage to the valley to see the cousins show their animals. This was an important year for us. Next year, Chojuk will be eligible to show animals and we needed to see which animal we want to show and what work it will entail.

Alec showed chickens. The Nutty Papa's family has participated in 4-H for years and they think starting with chickens is the way to go. I agree. They're easy. Well... they're a short term commitment. The chickens are raised for 6 weeks and then shown. 6 weeks. I could handle that.

There Alec is with his best bird. He placed 7th. See that big bird? He can barely hold it. And there were 7 bigger! Whew. I don't know about this.

The last part is showing 3. You hope to raise 3 that are uniform. All the same. And you have to have help holding them. Luckily Alec, on the left, has a big brother who has done this. He's the one on the right. Then they recruited a buddy from 4-H to help. Nice buddy. I don't think I could be easily recruited.

While you wait for the judge to judge the birds, everyone stands around holding these chickens. Apparently the stress it pretty bad on the birds. There's a fear they'll die right there in front of the judge. So you have to be gentle holding them while you wait. Some kids put them down. And they poop on you. Ew.

I'm thinking chickens aren't for us.

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