Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleepless Nights

Night time in the Nutty Houshold is often fill with adventures all of their own. Take last night for example. The Snugglebug woke up crying. It was the most pitiful, tear filled, whiny cry. So instead of trying to figure out what was wrong, I carefully picked him up and carried him into our bed. When he'd settle down for a moment, I'd ask him, "Did you have a bad dream?" and he'd start again... sniff... sniff... wahhhhhhhh! I learned my lesson.

About an hour later, the Doodlebug wakes up screaming like someone is sitting on her. I run into her room prepared to lift the bed off of her, or de-tangle her limbs from the headboard and she yells at me, "I DROPPED MY ICE CREAM THIS DAY!!!" What? Ice Cream? Ok. That I can handle. I've had lots of experience talking a sleeping child back to sleep. So I look at her, with as much seriousness as I can muster, and I say, "Well, then, let's go get some more. What flavor was it?" And she says, "Vanilla." Then she smiles at me, grabs her security blanket, a.k.a her Woobie, rolls over and goes back to sleep. I have to admit, I was glad she didn't jump out of bed and run downstairs to get herself some more ice cream!

And finally, the Baby. He still wakes up looking for someone... anyone... who can help him out of the predicament he's in. First he calls for me. "Mama! Where are you? Maaaaa-maaaaa?" And if I don't run to his aid, he'll start on the boys, since they share his room. "Bubby... help me... Buuuuuu-bbbby?" This morning, his Bubby was comfortably snuggled in his Mama's bed so he turned to his biggest brother. "Bubba! Help me, Bubba! Buuu-baaaaaa?" Normally his brothers are so tired they don't hear him. But he managed to wake his Bubba up this morning. Bubba got him out of his bed, turned him lose, and went back to sleep.

Never a dull moment!

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Mama On The Move said...

You made me laugh out loud today!