Wednesday, February 25, 2009

False Alarm

Call it a blonde moment. Call it lack of sleep. Whatever. The pump is back on.

Seems I need to write myself a note reminding me how to turn it on.

... I'm so embarrassed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, No. Here I go again...

Seems the pump has died... again. It happened last year, and the year before. It seems part of our tradition. But it's an expensive tradition. And we might have to rob Peter to pay Paul...

So if you run into Peter, can you send him my way?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Chojuk is in Cub Scouts. He's a Wolf. But Cub Scouts is a friendly organization and doesn't exclude anyone. So everyone in our family participates.

The big event this time if year is the Pinewood Derby. Everyone starts with a block of wood and makes it into a car. The Nutty Papa was in charge of the style this year. He went with his brother and their boys to a friend's house to cut the body of the car. Last year we were rookies and made lots of mistakes. We learned our lesson and are smarter about it this yer.

Chojuk had a rough go of it last year with his car. So this year the Nutty Papa decided to turn the tables in his favor with a sleek wedge shaped car. From what I understand, Chojuk wasn't too thrilled with the design.

Last year decorating our cars was a last minute thing. I didn't want to do that this year. So we spent lots of time considering what we wanted. Chojuk wanted lightning. It reflects his current interest in tornadoes and weather.

For the Snugglebug, I chose Pokemon. He lives it. Breathes it. So I thought what better decorations than Pokemon? He stuck lots of little Pokemon stickers all over the body and I painted over them with Modge Podge. He loved it!

The Doodlebug is the easiest of them all. Pink. Girlie. She doesn't care as long as it's pink. So she painted her car pink and then I let her put stickers all over it too. She chose the Lil' Pet stickers and some sparkly purple hearts. She's such a girl!

We had the race on Saturday. The Snugglebug and Doodlebug raced in the "Me too" category. Chojuk raced against his fellow wolves. Each car races 4 times. They have it set up on a computer. It's all very scientific and I'm sure I don't understand all that is involved. But it's fair.

Here are the Me Too cars. The Snugglebug's is the yellow looking one with black window in the upper left corner. The Doodlebug's is next to it with the purple heart. I liked the yellow crayon too.

Here are the Wolf cars. The Nutty Papa called Chojuk's car "Black Lightning"... I think you can see why. The one in front of us was a real competitor. The Camo Car the kids called it. It was fast!

After 3 hours of racing, it came down to the final cars. Chojuk and the Camo Car were in a tie for first place. So they had a race off. First they put Black Lightning in one lane to race and Camo in another, then they'd switch so that if there was a fast lane, no one was benefited by it. I think there was a fast lane because Black Lighning would win, then Camo would win. Black Lightning, Camo, back and forth. It took 10 minutes for a winner to finally emerge.

Here is the track. And as you can see, Chojuk was very excited to watch his car race.

They had a laser finish line that would register the winners. It would then send the information to a computer and they'd make a spreadsheet to record all the information. Abuck would have loved it. He's into spreadsheets.

Everyone gets something at the Pinewood Derby Races. The Doodlebug was called forward to receive her participation medal first. She might as well have been crowned Queen of the World. She was so proud. She walked off waving and smiling at all her adoring fans.

The Snugglebug's car won first place in his division. He was so excited! Last year he was second so first was an improvement. Papa and I were surprised. We had put so much effort into Chojuk's car doing well that Snugglebug's didn't get as much attention. Turns out it didn't need it. It was a good car.

He was so proud to have another trophy to add to his collection!

And Chojuk got first in his division too! He was so excited... but not surprised! He cheered his car on at each race and knew exactly how many he had won.

This is Chojuk's biggest trophy. He was so happy to get it. At least I thought he was. When he called to tell Mimi about his big day, he told her he only got a small trophy... not the big one. The Grand Champion trophy. We'll try for that one next year.

It was exciting to have two first place finishers. (Next year we'll go for three, because the Snugglebug will move up a category.) The Pecan Family will be a force next year!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're Losin' it Around Here...

Teeth are falling out left and right around the Nutty Forest. Chojuk has now lost 6 of his little baby teeth. I love baby teeth. They are so cute. And small. And straight. And you don't have to worry about them too much because you know sooner or later big ones will follow. So eat all the junk food you can!

Until you look like this. Then you aren't eating much of anything!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, to be loved so much

The baby... he's a lover. A lover of Mama. When he kisses me, he grabs my neck, pulls me close, and lays one on me!


He then launches into identification of the parts of my face... mouth, nose, eye...


You're so funny!

Aren't we funny?!?


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Nutty Kids Flip Out

I had a trampoline when I was a kid. I loved it. It was my sanctuary. It was my escape. I would read and nap and relax out there. It was my happy place.

That's not to say it didn't have it's dangers. There were injuries. Flips off the trampoline. And one terribly unfortunate broken ankle.

But that didn't deter me. I still wanted that for my kids. I wanted them to have the fun I had on my trampoline. That is until now...

The Nutty Papa ran into the house the other day and said, "Come here, quick! And bring your camera!" So I grabbed my camera and ran outside after him. This is what I found...

Wait a minute...

Whew! Landed on a safe spot!

Watch the head!


... holding my breath...

Seems the Nutty Papa has taught the boys to do flips.
Anyone want a slightly used trampoline?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Know You Are Loved When...

I have been spoiled these last few weeks. My sweet husband has been waking up and getting himself ready for work every morning bright and early. And he's added a duty to his morning line up: Fire building.

The kids and I have been warmed with his fire. I have absolutely loved waking up, starting breakfast, and then lighting a fire for the kids and I to warm up beside.

We love to sit and watch the flames dance while we enjoy our breakfast.

It makes us feel so special!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleepless Nights

Night time in the Nutty Houshold is often fill with adventures all of their own. Take last night for example. The Snugglebug woke up crying. It was the most pitiful, tear filled, whiny cry. So instead of trying to figure out what was wrong, I carefully picked him up and carried him into our bed. When he'd settle down for a moment, I'd ask him, "Did you have a bad dream?" and he'd start again... sniff... sniff... wahhhhhhhh! I learned my lesson.

About an hour later, the Doodlebug wakes up screaming like someone is sitting on her. I run into her room prepared to lift the bed off of her, or de-tangle her limbs from the headboard and she yells at me, "I DROPPED MY ICE CREAM THIS DAY!!!" What? Ice Cream? Ok. That I can handle. I've had lots of experience talking a sleeping child back to sleep. So I look at her, with as much seriousness as I can muster, and I say, "Well, then, let's go get some more. What flavor was it?" And she says, "Vanilla." Then she smiles at me, grabs her security blanket, a.k.a her Woobie, rolls over and goes back to sleep. I have to admit, I was glad she didn't jump out of bed and run downstairs to get herself some more ice cream!

And finally, the Baby. He still wakes up looking for someone... anyone... who can help him out of the predicament he's in. First he calls for me. "Mama! Where are you? Maaaaa-maaaaa?" And if I don't run to his aid, he'll start on the boys, since they share his room. "Bubby... help me... Buuuuuu-bbbby?" This morning, his Bubby was comfortably snuggled in his Mama's bed so he turned to his biggest brother. "Bubba! Help me, Bubba! Buuu-baaaaaa?" Normally his brothers are so tired they don't hear him. But he managed to wake his Bubba up this morning. Bubba got him out of his bed, turned him lose, and went back to sleep.

Never a dull moment!