Sunday, January 4, 2009

Losing Control

Like I said before, my family likes to take their time opening gifts. That's how I remember Christmas. I don't have many memories of Christmas' with toys. And since I was the only one opening the gifts, I guess it seems like we took turns. In reality, My Mom probably sat back and let me tear into everything while she watched. So I guess I did know what everyone got, since it was only me. This year, I really wanted to enjoy watching my kids open their gifts. I wanted to see everything they got and enjoy it with them. When Chojuk was the only child, he would open a gift and want to play with it. So we had to take it out of the box and he'd sit there and play with his new toy for a while. When he finished playing with it, we'd show him another. He'd open it and want to play with that one too. It took forever. But as you add children to the mix, they don't want to wait for the other to open gifts. They just want to see what they got.

Needless to say, I lost control this year. The first gift was about everyone watching. But I soon noticed that the kids weren't watching their brothers or sister open a gift... they were searching under the tree for their next one! Notice the baby there... he just wanted to open everything! It was sheer chaos! But only for me. The Nutty Papa is used to that... and the kids enjoyed it too.

Let Chaos reign!

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Wencked said...

Sometimes you just have to give in to the Chaos ; )

We are still at the open each one and want to play with it stage ourselves..aahhh but next year that will all change