Thursday, December 11, 2008

What is it they say about Apples...?

I have been dying to show these pictures to you since I took them at Thanksgiving. It brings to mind the amazing way genetics comes into play while creating children. Being an only child, I have often watched with wonder how siblings are so different and so alike. I have enjoyed the puzzle life puts forth as to whether the child resembles Mom or Dad. But I never realized the resemblance could go so deep.

Example #1: The Baby. Animal Lover. Like Brother. Like Father.

Example #2: The Snugglebug. Looks like Daddy. Loves animals like Daddy. Genetic wonder? Nature vs Nurture. Hmmmm...
And for those of you who wonder, here's Daddy:

He apparently spent lots of time outside with the animals. He especially enjoyed trying to tame the not so tamed cats.

Apparently he was successful at times. And the resemblance is more than just emotional. Check out that hair! The nose! Those eyes! It's like cloning!

And his love for animals always shines through. Like Father like Son? Yep.

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