Friday, December 19, 2008

Irony at It's Best

The Nutty Papa has a pea sized bladder. Everyone knows this. When we make road trips, he is cut off from beverages. Otherwise, we're stopping every 45 minutes. It's annoying how often he pees.

There's always an exception to the rule.

The Nutty Papa called me this morning to tell me he had gone to the doctor for his "upset stomach" and was off to the emergency room. Turns out, his "upset stomach" was appendicitis. Yep. Merry Christmas.

So I pawned the kids off on one of the only people that can handle all 4 at a moments notice, thank you Michelle!, and head to the hospital. After waiting 4 hours, they get him in for a CAT scan. At this point, I had to make a childcare switch. So I'm off to pick up the kids and take them over to Aunt Deborah's for the rest of the night... thank you Aunt Deborah! Luckily, Aunt Tricia was there to step for me while I'm runnin the kids all across God's green earth. And as soon as I leave to pick up the kids, I get a call from the Nutty Papa... "It's Appendicitis. I'm going in for surgery." Great. I have been sitting in the ER all morning with him and the moment I leave, he's taken away for surgery.

Luckily nothing happens fast in a hospital. So I was able to pick up the kids from Michelle's, run them to Aunt Deborah's, and get back to the hospital before he went in. The nurse tells me it will be an hour surgery and an hour recovery. 30 minutes later, the doctor is walkin in to tell me it's over. It wasn't ruptured, just fat. It needed to come out. He tells me no heavy lifting and no work for 2 weeks. (The Nutty Papa was thrilled with this news since his work has basically closed down for the next two weeks. He gets a free pass from work and can't use it.)

So I sit in the waiting room and wait. And wait. And wait. 3 hours after he's finished with his surgery, they call me in. He's ready to go home. HOME?!? Great! But he has to pee first. No problem! He pees all the time. Wrong. There was a problem. That man couldn't pee. This is the guy who pees every 30 minutes. Couldn't do it. Give him something to drink, they say. He drank 6 Sprites, 3 Cokes, 4 bottles of water and had 3 bags of IV fluids. NOTHING! Finally 4 hours after his surgery, success. We can go home.

The Nutty Papa is home and crashed out. He says he feels much better with it out. Thanks to all those who helped and prayed. We appreciate it!

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Mama On The Move said...

Wow! Tell him I hope he feels better soon!