Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gettin' Her Wig Busted

The Doodlebug has never had her hair cut. People are starting to ask, "When are you going to get her hair cut?" It's not like it's too long. It's not like it's in her face. But it's ratty. And apparently, people think that if you cut ratty hair, it won't be ratty anymore. I'm tired of being pestered about it, so I decided since I was going to get my hair cut, she could too. Maybe that would get the monkeys off my back.

So yesterday, I made the call. In small towns, there's no need to wait. They are usually waitin' for ya with open arms. And they were. Belinda said, "Come on in!"

Here is the Doodlebug ready to get her haircut. It looks fine. A little runaway. But when you don't have much hair, there isn't much to cut.

She sat so still. I was so proud! She didn't wiggle or squirm like I expected her too. She loved it!

She even paused to give me the classic Doodlebug smile... it usually includes a wink. See?

She loved the attention and the pampering. I can tell she's going to be one of those girls I wasn't. The kind of girl who pays attention to fashion. The kind of girl who applies her makeup in just the right way. The kind of girl who always has her hair styled nicely. Not like her mother.

She was enjoying herself, however the woobie made it's appearance too. It was there to make sure she was 100% comfortable in the situation. To ease her nerves. To make it a really GREAT experience. Because that's what woobies do.

When it was all over, she was thrilled. You can hardly tell she got a cut. But the experience was divine. Let your inner diva shine, Doodlebug!


Wencked said...

I love her face in pic #3....too cute.

Mama On The Move said...

How sweet! Love the wink photo!