Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Wolf Lodge

We celebrated Christmas early with my side of the family. My Mom wanted to take the kids somewhere fun, and she found this place called the Great Wolf Lodge. The kids love playing in the water and this place has an indoor water park. It was amazing! Everyone had a great time!

The lobby of the hotel was beautifully decorated for the holidays.

This was Chojuk's favorite spot. The big bucket dumped water on everyone every 5 minutes. It was so fun! The water almost knocked his suit off once! And it was a heated room so it was comfortable to play even though it was cold outside.

This was the Baby and Doodlebug's favorite spot. Lots of room to splash and play. Behind the wading area is a wave pool that everyone loved. The Snugglebug loved it all! He'd go wherever anyone else was and found fun. He even enjoyed the baby area. He found fun splashing the grown ups! No use staying dry in a pool, right?

At night, they had storytime. The kids would gather around a reader while they read stories. Luckily for us, Santa was the story teller. He read "The Night Before Christmas." See my little blondies there? It was fun!

When we weren't in the pool, we were playing a hotel game. You bought into a scavenger hunt of sorts. You bought a wand and with it you got a playing guide. The guide gave you clues to find. When you found the clues, a wave of the wand would direct you to the next clue. There were kids running all over the hotel looking for clues and waving wands. It was so fun!

If you found all the clues, and collected all the ancient runes, you got to battle a dragon. We didn't make it to the dragon, but we sure had fun trying!

We even encountered some mystical creatures along the way. It was a fun game!

Thank you for a wonderful vacation, Mimi! We're looking forward to going again next Christmas!

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