Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Teeth

The other day, while snuggling with my Snugglebug, I got to looking at his little teeth. I was telling him that since he's 5 going on 6, he'll probably start loosing his teeth pretty soon. He got his teeth really early. His first two little biters arrived when he was 3 month old! So, if the theory is correct, since he got them early, he'll lose them early.

Losing your teeth is a milestone for kids. When our friends Miles and Davis lost their teeth, their faces all of a sudden looked more grown up. It made them lose the baby face I was so used to. When Chojuk lost his first tooth, I wasn't prepared for it. It happened on accident and it surprised me. He is still losing his teeth really slowly. So his face isn't morphing quite as fast as our friends did, but I still miss that little baby toothed smile.

Not wanting to forget how much I loved those little baby teeth, I decided to snap a picture to cherish the moment.

Look at those teeny tiny teeth. It's the little things about being a Mom that I love so much!


Mama On The Move said...

I know how you feel! Katie just started getting her two front grown up teeth and it's changing her whole look! She's growing up so fast! This morning she was looking over my blog and SHE found two errors!

Andi said...

We made the blog! How exciting...I'll have to show it to the boys this afternoon. Darcy looks super cute!