Monday, November 24, 2008

Problem with Watching too Many Movies

So Friday, we made a trip to the city. I took the kids to town for a little culture. We watched a ballet... Cinderella. I was the most surprised by Chojuk's interest. He sat quietly the entire 2 hours and watched. He enjoyed the sets and analyzing the difference between this ballet and the Disney version we've watched a hundred times. I think I need to read him the real version. Anyway, the Doodlebug enjoyed it too. And after the show, she enjoyed meeting the cast... especially the Prince and Cinderella. I was surprised to hear that the Prince was Russian. The Doodlebug walked right up to him and shook his hand. The Snugglebug and Chojuk followed right behind her. I was so proud of them for walking right up to that prince, shaking his hand, and introducing themselves.

After the ballet, we zipped across town to meet a new homeschool group. They are Catholic and do things on a weekly basis to support each other and their community. Sounded like a good place for us, and they just happen to be meeting the day we were in town. When we arrived, I was expecting lively songs and music. I was disappointed to learn we were there for an hour of adoration... which means quiet reflection and prayer. I was tempted to turn around and leave, but the group leader said that it was geared for children and that my kids wouldn't be any more disruptive than any of the other kids there that day... they don't know my kids... So reluctantly, I stayed. I'm glad I did. It was a very interactive experience with the Deacon asking the kids questions and teaching lots of things from church symbols to parts of the mass.

After about 30 minutes, the Snugglebug announces he has to go potty. And not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to escape, the Doodlebug says she has to go too. Luckily the bathrooms were right outside the door to the chapel. So I told Chojuk I was going to run everyone to the bathroom and that he should stay and listen. And out the door I went. Once we got to the bathroom, I realize they aren't planning on making this a quick trip... if you get my drift... so I tell the Doodlebug and the Snugglebug that I'm going to go check on Chojuk. So I leave them in the bathroom to finish their business and the Baby and I head back into the chapel to check on Chojuk.

When I walk into the chapel, Chojuk is sitting in the pew with his hand raised. Fear rushes to my brain. I get all flushed. Obviously the Deacon has asked a question. What if he doesn't get it right? What if he is just going to start talking about his favorite video game and isn't going to say anything about what's happening here? I hold my breath...

"OK.. so I'm going to do my first confession. I'm ready for that. I know what I'm going to say. I'm a little worried about telling the priest everything I've done wrong. But Mama says it'll be OK. And then I get to take my first communion.... and there's the bread... I know bread... it tastes good... I'll like that. But the wine... I'm a little worried about the wine. What is it going to taste like? I don't know if I'll like it.. and Mama says if you drink too much wine you'll get marinated."

Marinated?!? All the adults in the room stifle their laughter. Then they look for the "proud" mother of this child. There I was standing the in the back of the room red as a beat thinking, "I've never said 'marinated'!" But the Deacon handled it beautifully...

"Well, when you drink the wine, you don't take a big drink of it. You just take a little sip. So you'll be OK when you drink the wine. But your Mama is right... if you drink too much wine, you can get marinated."

At that moment, I remembered I had two children still in the bathroom. So I left the chapel to get the other two. We returned to finish the adoration and as some of the adults left, they'd quietly pat my shoulder in a knowing way with a gentle smile on their face. Everyone had been there before and knew how I felt. And I felt support. It was the right place to be.

For those of you wondering, I later learned the source of Chojuk's concern with being marinated...Aristocats! Thanks for solving the mystery, Amy .

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Mama On The Move said...

That's funny! My first thought was that he got it from the "Aristocats". There's a scene where the Uncle Goose is clearly intoxicated and he tells them that a chef had basted him in wine. Thomas O'mally Cat says, "Basted?! I'd say he's been MARINATED in it!"