Friday, November 7, 2008

Long Over Due Halloween Post..or Maybe Just Long

Whew. After a week of fighting a nasty case of food poisoning, I am finally able to sit up at my computer and check in with you. And as I sit trying to figure out what you need to hear, I realize Halloween came and went and it seems like an eternity ago. That's what 3 days of semi consciousness will do to you.

I started thinking about Halloween in August. After all, the boys are now old enough to have an opinion about what they want to be. They are into enough things, I figured surely they'd have some ideas. And when I'd ask with baited breath, "What do you want to be for Halloween?" instead of creative and crazy ideas which blew my mind... how could I possibly make that?... I get stares. Blank stares. And then, the words which I came to dread, "I dunno." In August I thought, fine. It's early. I'll give 'em a week or two and try again. Unfortunately, I'd just get repeat performances of the same thing. I dunno.

The Doodlebug, on the other hand, was well equipped to answer. "A witch!" Great! I can handle that. But knowing my budding primadonna, she'll change her mind a hundred times first. Luckily, I came upon a used witch costume that was so cute! I bought it and she was thrilled. Doodlebug done. Check.

And the baby... well, since I get to pick that I'd had a plan for him since birth. I have a Pooh costume that all the kids have worn. It was time for him to wear it. Tradition. End of story. Baby done. Check.

But the boys kept draggin' their feet. Finally, at the beginning of October, well into harvest, the boys started talking about getting a light saber like Darth Maul. You know the guy... red horns. Gets sliced in half in Star Wars, episode 1. They have a tendency to go for the bad guys. Anyway, they started asking for these light sabers. And lucky for us, Mimi was coming for Halloween and wanted to bring treats for the boys. So she brought them build your own light saber kits. They didn't get to build a light saber just like Darth Maul. But they had cool glowing light sabers, and were dressed in black. Bad guys. Good enough. Check. Check.

Our Halloween tradition here is to go trick-or-treating at a local retirement community. The residents dress up and sit outside in the hall while the local kids run from door to door collecting candy. We love going. They are so friendly. And since our neighbors, the local squirrels who have taken up residence in the trees, weren't offering candy, we thought it'd be a great place to go.

As soon as we arrived, I grabbed my camera to take pictures. The Baby looked especially precious toddling around the halls. But when I aimed and fired... nothing happened. Wouldn't you know? I'd left the battery charging in the kitchen. So no pictures. Not one. Bummer. Oh, well. I guess I couldn't have taken a picture of my favorite part anyway. What's my favorite part, you ask? The Baby. He'd toddle up to those little ladies... watch with awe as they dropped two or three pieces of candy into his bag... and then he'd say, "Tank too!" I love toddler babble. Makes me smile.

After hitting up the ladies and gentlemen at the retirement community, we ran over to a friend's house hoping they'd be home and possibly go house to house with their kids. They, unforunately, weren't home. But we went door to door anyway. The kids got plenty of candy and were asking us if we could go home. All except for my Snugglebug. He's got the sweetest tooth of anyone I know. He'd have gone to every house in town if he thought it meant free candy. And the Baby would have followed. He thought all this was fun too.

The real excitement came when we were driving home. The Doodlebug yells out, "I gotta go tinkle!" Unfortunately, the Nutty Papa isn't trained in the art of Doodle-management, so when she said that, he looked at me for assistance. "Pull over, NOW!" And the Nutty Papa, safety first, says, "Here? Now?" "YES!! NOW!!!" So he slams on the breaks and pulls over. I holler to Mimi, who was sittin' next to the Doodlebug in the car to unbuckle her and get her out, and I jump out and get the potty that I was advised early in my daughter totin' days to always carry with me. (Thank you Andi for that sound advice!) So here we are, standin' on the side of the road, with a 3 year old pink princess (who I forgot to tell you, changed her mind about the witch costume last minute), a Mimi who can't stop from laughin' (she gets that way when it comes to tinkle... remind me to tell you about the first time... holy moley!), and a Nutty Mama yellin', "Come on Mimi! Hurry up!" I wish I'd been the guy who drove by. Well, Mimi, bless her heart, just wasn't fast enough and the Doodlebug leaked all over her pretty princess costume and then refused to wear it for the 2 minutes home. So she crawled back into her car seat buck naked, only sitting on a few napkins, because she didn't want her bare bottom on her car seat. Parenthood. What an adventure.

When we got home I said, "Freeze! I need pictures." And here's what I got:

Don't they look like they've just had the time of their lives? Chojuk is actually exhausted. And the Snugglebug is just waiting to get inside so he can dig into that candy.

The Baby has figured out what happens when the camera comes out. See? Cheese!

And then went straight for the candy. How do I get me some of that?!?

Chojuk disappeared upstairs. The Doodlebug, who is not properly clothed for this G-rated blog, is munchin' away on the floor about 2 feet from the door. And the Baby actually screamed at me NOT to take his costume off. All while the Snugglebug sits in candy nirvana. But he took the time to share with baby brother.

But don't think about trying to sneak a piece while he's not looking.

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