Friday, October 10, 2008

That's Farmin'

On our first day of harvest, things hardly ever go right. This year was certainly no exception. While the Nutty Family was busy at the soccer fields, Mr. David, our trusty orchard man, was busy shaking our first rows of trees. When the phone rings at the soccer game, I'm sure it's bad news. "Bad news... a big hose busted." Great. Since it's Saturday, and everything closes at noon, I begin to feel the pressure.

When we got home, sure enough, there is was. Busted was an understatement.

So the Nutty Papa gets right to work. Wait a minute... why are you taking my picture? Is this for your blog? I need to lose the hat if it's for your blog....

The Marlboro Man over at would never wear a hat like that. I have to look cool like him!

I may not be able to get calf nuts, but I know how to get greasy!

The Nutty Papa takes the hose off, I take it to town and say "I need this." They make it up for me and I bring it back. I dream of the day I don't need to have the part to buy the part. That I can call the store and say, "Hey Joe. I busted a 470 -399. Can you get me another one with a 55X adapter?" (Sounds like I know what I'm talking about, huh?)

Two hours and 4 big drums of hydraulic oil later, we are shaking. It was a slow start to harvest. But eventually, we picked up the pace.

Today we are patiently waiting for The Great Pecan Man to clean and dry our pecans. We have finished the first go around of the Wichita. Unfortunately, there were some stubborn suckers who hung on a little too tight. We'll be back to get those in a week.

For now, I'm off to a relaxing girls weekend where we scrapbook into the wee hours. I can't wait! I love working on my books. Seeing all the wonderful memories reminds me how much I love being a wife, Mom and farmer. Have a great weekend!!

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