Monday, October 20, 2008

A Baby No More

The time has finally come. My baby boy was more and more being identified as a girl. "What a pretty little girl!" It was time for a hair cut.

The Baby has had more hair than any of the other kids. The other 2 boys didn't get haircuts until after their second birthdays. The Doodlebug is still waiting for her first hair cut. And since he's my Baby, I was putting it off as long as I could. But it was time.

We went to see a barber. We enjoy barbers. They're boys. They get boys. So we found a barber downtown and asked him to cut my Baby's hair.

My Baby didn't like it. He held on tight to Mama and Bear. He refused the cape. So he and Mama got covered in hair. But we didn't mind. Whatever it took to help make him comfortable.

Mama whispered to him and sang to him and before long, it was all over. The Baby had finished his first haircut.

Doesn't he look all growed up?!?


Chera said...

He looks handsome! ;o)

Amy said...

He looks so grown up!!

trish said...'s paul!!

trish said...

oh, and what a handsome little guy he is!!