Monday, September 8, 2008

Soccer Time

Chojuk had his first soccer game over the weekend. He had one practice... then a game. Needless to say, I felt a little unprepared. But he was ready. Ready to kick that ball.
When we arrived, I was delayed a moment. I had to fumigate the stroller. It was full of spiders... Blah! So the Nutty Papa ran ahead with Chojuk so they could get started. When I finally caught up, this is what I found.
Chojuk playing goalie! Eh-Gad! My heart started racing and I got all nervous. GOALIE!?!

Time for a confession. I hate sports with a goalie. I'm really not a big team sports fan. I feel sorry for the losing team. They are trying their hardest... why can't everyone be winners?!? But sports with goalies?!? They have that one guy down there all by himself with the pressure of stopping the goal. Sure he has teammates to help. But really... when it all comes down to it... it's the goalie's job. And I HATE when someone scores on a goalie. He's doing his best right? He's kickin' that ball. And then WHAM! The ball goes in and the scorer celebrates! While the goalie is left with his head hung, felling like he disappointed the team. It breaks my heart. Seriously, I'm not meant to be a sports Mom.

But I love my kids and if they want to try their hands at sports, cool. But please don't make me watch while my kids are goalies! UGH!

But Chojuk did pretty well. It helped that the red team, a.k.a. the Dragons, were not the best kickers. But they stayed down at our end of the field for most of the game. And Chojuk stood his ground. He kicked that ball away whenever it was near.


Then it was someone else's turn to play goalie (whew!) and Chojuk got out there to chase the ball with the other kids. Chojuk isn't a runner. He doesn't like running and he doesn't like to get hot. But he surprised me at first. He was up and down that field trying to get his foot on the ball...

But after a few minutes of playing in the field, Chojuk started playing like this. He'd just stand there and wait for the ball to come to him. Too much running. Maybe goalie is a good idea for him...

The red team, I mean, the Dragons, were pretty good. They scored on us a few times. We got one in on a technicality. But when they're 7, who's keeping score, right? The parents! They keep score. Each child on the field had 4 coaches: the two poor pitiful souls who volunteered to lead this pack, and their parents. All those folks were hollerin' and screamin' at their kids. I think the hollerin' was part of the fun... for everyone!

After a while, we really got into it. These two cheerleaders were cheerin' up a storm. All that was missin' were their pom-poms.

We were even teasin' the Doodlebug. Someone heard that she starts ballet classes on Monday and they asked her if she wanted us to bring our chairs and holler at her too: POINT THOSE TOES! SMILE BIGGER! YOU'RE LEAPIN' THE WRONG WAY! Doodlebug politely answered, "I don't think so." I am so thankful that ballet won't be so involved.

We have been really blessed to have a fun soccer team for Chojuk. The parents are all so friendly and the kids are friends already. I love to see the Hand of God at work.

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