Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being the Farmer for the Day

I want to be a fully self sufficient farm girl. That means I have to know how to drive everything. On Sunday, I tackled the tractor with shredder.

I've never been the one to mow the grass. As a child, that was Mom's job. She enjoyed cutting the grass cuz it gave her an excuse to work on her tan. And quite frankly, cutting the grass made me sneeze. So I avoided it.

Well, now that I'm a big time farmer, I need to know how to cut the grass. It's a big part of orchard operations. And after 4 months of things breaking down on the shredder, I thought I needed to get a handle on what was going on out there.

So on Saturday, I jumped on that shredder and gave it a whirl. The grass was way out of control and we needed to get it whacked down asap. I headed down the driveway and out to the strip of grass by the road so we could make the orchard look nicer.

I'm a pretty good driver. I had one little accident, which I'll tell you about later. But for the most part, I did alright. I drove slow and steady. And over time, I'm sure I'll naturally know where the wide shredder ends without having to stand up and look. And I loved the quiet time mowing.

Hey... maybe that's what Mom was doing out there when I was a kid. Hmmm...


Chera said...

Love seeing you on the tractor!!! I LOVE's peaceful and relaxing. I still haven't worked up the courage to learn how to use the tractor. I'm afraid I'll break something and the parts are so expensive!! ;o(

Amy said...

I miss your posts!