Tuesday, August 5, 2008

While Mama's Away...

While the Nutty Mama and Nutty Papa were busy learning about pecans, Mimi was busy doing what Mimi's do best: spoilin' everyone. The Snuggle Bug had requested a trip to Build a Bear. He's an animal lover and especially loves his stuffed animals. (He gets that from me.)

He chose to make the cheetah. He named it "Fire Cheetah". It's really cool. It has a heart beat and even a special sound. He loves it!

Surprisingly, the Snuggle Bug was the only one who participated in the bear building adventure. I figured the Doodlebug would come home with a bear dressed in a Tu-tu. She apparently just wanted to get something for Mama. She's so thoughtful. (Where did she get THAT?)

But don't you worry. While they were out having a great time with Mimi, I was having a great time too. My niece, Katy, met me at her salon and I got a new do.

I think this is the shortest my hair has been since 7th grade. I'm getting used to it. It's a lot more maintenance than I am used to. I asked for different, and I got it! Whadda think?

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Chera said...

OH my!! I cant' believe you cut your hair!! You look stunning--I love it!!