Saturday, August 2, 2008

Utopia for My Boys

When we go to Mimi's the rule is, there is no rule. I guess the kids rule. So the adults are left to the whim of the children's desires. This most recent trip, the boys wanted to go to Dave and Buster's. They have a game there that they LOVE and wanted to get a chance to play again. Leave it to Mimi to grant them their wish.

While the boys played, G'pa and I shared Doodlebug duty. She isn't much of a game player. But she is a button pusher. G'pa once said, "I think we've touched every machine in the building!" And that's her philosophy. Keep movin'.

Here is the game the boys love. Something about a big dragon. All I know is Chojuk was really excited about beating something.

After a while, G'pa and I sat down to the trivia game and tested our brain power. Seems between our 2 brains, we do alright. We won the kids 300 points to spend in the junk room, er, I mean prize store. Doodlebug was true to her girlie roots. She wanted everything. And before we left, she had touched and played with everything in the store. She finally ended up with a cute little lip gloss purse and a stretchy bug.

Everyone wanted a stretchy bug. So Chojuk and the Snugglebug got one too. Then they each got one other item. Everyone left happy. And the food was pretty good to. So the adults' bellies were full. It was a nice trip.

And Chojuk has already asked if we can go visit Mimi again tomorrow so we can go back. We'll see, buddy.

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