Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Good Day Outside with The Nutty Papa

The baby is old enough now to walk around outside with the family. This past weekend, The Nutty Papa was in charge. He allows so much more freedom than I do. I worry. What if they run into a rattlesnake? What if they get a stick in the eye? What if they step in an ant bed? What if they throw dirt at each other? WHAT IF THEY RUN INTO A RATTLESNAKE?!? Not to worry. The Nutty Papa stays outside with the kids. He's never far.

This weekend, while I was cleaning the inside, The Nutty Papa and kids were cleaning the outside. Since there isn't much for the Baby to do to help, he just gets to explore. The Doodlebug and he have become really good buddies. They get into all kinds of trouble together. They especially love the dirt. Here's what happens to a Baby who plays in the dirt.

This is what I saw when the Nutty Papa brought him in for lunch! Needless to say, he didn't get lunch until he got a bath! It took a while to get him to smile for this picture. He was really mad that he had to come inside. But he was so hot! The dirt is stuck to his sweat!

I'm envisioning years of dirty tubs ahead for me.

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