Monday, July 14, 2008

Swimming like Fish

We are taking swimming lessons this summer. By we, I mean my 2 big boys. You have to be potty trained to learn how to swim and we all know how that's going. Thanks Aunt Deborah!

I signed the boys up for lessons with a local natatorium. They use the Swim America program. They're training athletes!

The first step was bobbing up and down and blowing bubbles. Chojuk flew right past this. He's a bubble blowing fool! The Snugglebug, however, worked on it for 4 days.

The second step was gliding on your back and front. This is where Chojuk worked for about 4 days. That floating on your back thing is tough! But with persistence, and a little bribery, he moved on to level 3.

In level 3, you add the kick. It's the beginning of the crawl and the backstroke. Chojuk was stuck here for quite a while. 10 days to be exact.

Here's Chojuk working with one of the instructors on the back stuff. He has never liked being on his back in the water. He doesn't float well. We gotta work on that.

Here's the Snugglebug learning how to do bubbles. He worked so hard to get it. He had a mental obstacle to overcome as well. He was scared to go underwater. So he had a lot more to work on than just blowing bubbles. But after 4 days of HARD work, he did it!

At the end of each 8 day/2 week session, each swimmer gets an award. They make a big deal about it. Each kid stands on a podium and receives his certificate. It's a lot of fun. Here's Chojuk..

And here's the Snugglebug. They were so excited about their certificates. I'm proud of both of their success, especially the Snugglebug. Chojuk is a fish. He's always loved the water. I expected him to have fun and do well. The Snugglebug has always had a love/hate relationship with the water. He loves to play with it, but the underlying fear is always there. I'm thrilled to say, the fear is significantly less than it was.

It'll be fun to watch the Olympics with them now that they both enjoy swimming. 8-8-08... Here we come! I can't wait!

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