Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Run Away Doodlebug

One afternoon, the Nutty Papa announced it was time for his marathon training run. It was after he had gotten home from work and we had missed him all day. We always try to be supportive of his running, but honestly, we miss him while he's gone. Especially when it takes 2 hours out of our time with him.

The kids and I stayed home and got ready for dinner, watched movies, cleaned up, etc. I soon realized the Doodlebug was missing. I looked for her in the playroom. Nope. I looked in her room. Not there either. I went outside expecting to see her riding her bike around. Nada. And then I looked up the driveway. Here is what I saw.

The Nutty Papa was coming back from his run, Doodlebug in his arms. Apparently, she was worried about him. It was starting to get dark and he hadn't come home yet. So the Doodlebug went to go find him. She was worried.

The Nutty Papa found her half way up our 1/2 mile driveway. She had wandered up there barefoot, looking to save her Daddy.

And from the look on his face as they walked up...

she did.

I think they'll probably save each other. What a great love!


Chera said...

Ahh...daddy's girl! She's gotten him wrapped around her little finger already! ;o)

Amy said...

That's so sweet!