Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain, Rain

For 3 months, we have been dry. No rain. Not even a drop. Then low and behold, last week as I'm going to get the mail, I see this.

Could it be? The blessed gift from Heaven coming to rinse the icky sticky stuff off the leaves of my pecans trees? To give them a nice long drink of fresh clean nitrogen filled water from the Creator? One could only hope.

And as I turned around to head back to the house, there it was. Moving right over the orchard. Big, beautiful rain clouds swiftly moving over the trees. Opening up and dropping that sweet drink of life.

We got a little over 4 inches the first week of July. Enough to wash the aphid residue off the leaves. Enough to wet everything enough to pop fireworks safely. Enough.

Or too much?

After a week of off and on rain, I needed to get into the orchard and spray for fungus. Last year we didn't get in fast enough and lost the entire crop. Can you sense my feelings of urgency here?

It finally stopped raining long enough for Mr. David to get in there and spray. He did actually spray 5 loads only to have them washed off by the rain. However, we might have made up for that by turning the spray off and on as we drove past patches of trees with or without pecans on them. Did we get in there and spray in time? Or will the fungus once again take us over? Only time will tell.

As you read this, I'll be visiting and socializing with all the great pecan producers in our state. We'll share stories, laugh, learn, and figure out how well everyone else is doing. I'll let you know what I hear. So far, we only have a half crop. Is that going to be as better, as good, or worse than others in the area. We'll see.

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