Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Other Favorite Thing to do at Mimi's

Mimi has a cool community pool. It has a waterfall that runs into the duck ponds and it's very serene...

That is, until my gang arrives. We bring the fun and everyone gets wet! Just ask that guy sitting back there in the red swim trunks. The Snugglebug hosed him down with our water gun. He wasn't happy. Hey, dude, you come to a pool, you gotta expect to get wet. Right, G'pa? (He got hosed down too, and he was fully clothed!)

Leave it to the Nutty Papa, the baby of his family of 9, to always have a game to play. And as far as his family is concerned, if it isn't competitive, it isn't a game! So the Nutty Papa paired Chojuk up against the Snugglebug in a swim competition. If you ask me, this isn't a fair race, seeing as Chojuk has been swimming like a fish since he could walk and the Snugglebug just recently became a tadpole. Fairness doesn't matter though, let's race!

It started out innocently enough. Jump to Papa and swim back to the side. Chojuk was first. He likes to cannonball into the water.

Next it was the Snugglebug. At first glance, you might think he's trying to dive. He's really just aiming for the top of the Nutty Papa's head. He knows if he lands there, he's safe. I'm just glad he has a swim shirt on. It softens the blow of a belly flop.
Last but not least is the Doodlebug. Who knows what she's doing! She's fearless around the water. I can't wait until she's potty trained so she can take lessons. I know I'll breathe much easier when I know she can swim. Anyway, she had to take her turn too. She wasn't aiming for the Nutty Papa, however. Her mantra is "I can do it MYSELF!"

After a few rounds of jumping to the Nutty Papa, things started heating up. Chojuk jumped right in along side the Snugglebug and they'd race to see who could get to the Nutty Papa first. This resulted in some seriously long jumps off the side of the pool. Less swimming, you know.

Then the Nutty Papa would launch the boys back to the side. By the end of the day, the Snugglebug was swimming pretty well on his own. Don't tell him that though. He still has a few concerns about the water.

At the end of the day, we were all worn out. Even the Doodlebug had enough. She was so worn out she forgot her mantra and just wanted someone to fish her out of the pool. We drug ourselves back to Mimi's house and collapsed into bed.

Gotta love a day at the pool!

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