Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Favorite Thing about Mimi's House

We just returned from our family vacation. It was a whirlwind trip. Lots of time in the car. Seeing lots of family. And we had a wonderful time!
Our first stop was to Mimi's house. While the Nutty Papa and I were busy expanding our brains with pecan knowledge, my kids were enjoying doing whatever they wanted to do at Mimi's house.
This was the Baby's first experience feeding the ducks at Mimi's. Mimi lives on a duck pond and we get to feed the ducks. My kids LOVE it. The ducks swim right up to the dock.

See. Look. Ducks. (And a pizza faced Baby.)

He really got into it. He would toss that bread down there and then turn to Mimi and get more. (This trip we were surprised to see geese there too. We assumed these were geese and they were NOT ducks.)

Sometimes the ducks decide not to fight the crowd and jump right into the back yard. The Baby was especially excited to see a duck waddling around the yard, just like he was. Kindred spirits, I tell you.

After trying to catch the duck, the Baby decided the best thing to do was just sit and watch.

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