Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boy Scout Day Camp

What a week we had last week. It was busy. We went to Boy Scout Day Camp. It was about 30 minutes away and started at 7:30am. That meant I had to wake my kids, who usually sleep until 9 am, and get them fed, dressed and in the car ready to go by 7 am. Needless to say, we were always late. But we had a great time!

We made lots of new friends!

My Snugglebug got to be a Tiger for the week and participated as a scout too. He made some new friends too.

We learned about shooting BB guns and bows and arrows. We made crafts, fished, played games and swam in the local pool.

The Doodlebug was even allowed to participate. She had her own little group and played while the boys were scouts.

The highlight of her day was splashin' around in the baby pool. It would have been the highlight for me too... it was HOT!

All in all, it was a busy week and we were just all worn plum out.

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