Monday, July 21, 2008

Ant Wars

The Nutty Papa returned from his run the other day and said, "You'd never believe what I saw today on my run. I was running down the driveway and ran into a bunch of those flying ants. They were attacking a bunch of ground ants. They were fighting each other!" Yeah. Yeah. Ants fighting each other. OK, Nutty Papa. Whatever.

Later that night, we all crammed into the Suburban and drove to town for pizza. Yea! And on our way, he said, "Look out the window! You can see all the ants!"

Sure enough. There in a line on the ground, was the carnage. Dead ants.

And the winged ants were marching around like they owned the place. I guess we know who won. It was a sad sight, though. Even though I'm not so fond of the big red ants. They make big circles of dead grass on the ground in the orchard. But I wouldn't want this for them. Being attacked by their cousins. But it's nature I guess. Fighting, wars, disagreements. In the bug world, there is no negotiating. No lawyers. It's dog eat dog. Or ant eat ant. Interesting.
I'm sending a shout out to Mystery, the resident bug man in these parts. What is this? Why did this happen? Can you explain this phenomenon?

When he lets me know what's what, I'll let you know. I have no secrets from you.

Until then, may all your ants be friendly.

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