Monday, June 2, 2008

It's a Boy! or a Girl! and a Boy! or a Girl! It's a ...

While sharing our recent happenings at the wedding with you, our neighbors, you know the ones, Mr. and Mrs. Barnswallow, they became parents. The book that we've been reading about Barnswallows said that Mr. and Mrs. Barnswallow would alternate incubating for 13-17 days. Day 13 was the wedding day. I was hoping they would wait to hatch until we got home. On day 17, I was biting my nails hoping we wouldn't have to explain why no babies came out of the eggs. But sure enough, day 17, we peeked in the nest and there they were. First one little bald head, then a second, third and forth. Who-hoo! Babies! It has been quite a challenge keeping the kids off the counter in the kitchen since they just want to climb up there all the time and peek in at the babies. But, as you can imagine, Mr. and Mrs. Barnswallow are quite frightened by my little rascals standing there, inches from their babies, towering over them like Godzilla. So we try to limit our peeping to a few times a day.

Mrs. Barnswallow has been carefully perching on the edge of the nest. Protecting her small babies from the Godzillas that we are. I can see her getting more and more comfortable with us as we peep. She is far from comfortable with us, however. I have visions of being able to visit with her about our children, now that we can relate mother-to-mother. Kinda like meeting at the fence and visiting. For now, things seem to be rather one sided. I do all the talking. But I guess she's just taking it all in. Being a new mother can be overwhelming.

And babies are always so hungry. Plus, she has four little mouths to feed. I imagine I wouldn't have much to say either if I spent my day gathering food to feed four children all day long. When everyone was content, I'd like a moment of peace too.

Occasionally she leaves the nest long enough for me to jump on the counter with my camera and snap a picture or two. I've been anxious to post the photos announcing the babies' arrival. However when I get up there, I just can't seem to get close enough.

There are babies in there. I promise. You'll just have to take my word for it.

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