Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Evolution of a Baseball Player

As our baseball season comes to a close, I am reminded of my little Chojuk's evolution as a baseball player. Three years ago, he played T-ball.

He was just a little guy back then, but he was the biggest little guy on his team.

He was a good hitter. He would hit the ball hard and far. And he did alright running. But for Chojuk, T-ball was all about one thing...

dirt. He loved playing in the dirt. (I love this picture! It's the epitome of how kids feel about T-Ball. Notice the little boy dancing over there on the left?)

He thought being out in the field meant he got to sit down and play in the dirt while the other team got a chance to hit the ball and run. (Notice the kid on the other team, who in theory should be on second base, is on his way to the ground to dig in the dirt too.)

Oh, and he got to visit with everyone too.

The next year we moved into coach pitch. I was reluctant to move him up because he had enjoyed the dirt so much. My philosophy was to set him up for success and I wasn't sure how successful he'd be playing with the "big" boys. However, I was very pregnant and needed help from the mommies of some of Chojuk's friends. So, when they put their sons in coach pitch, I did too. I was glad to. That's when we got hooked up with Coach. I've said it before... he really knows how to speak to Chojuk.

But Chojuk wasn't into coach pitch any more last year than he had been the year before. We struggled with keeping his interest while he was fielding...

Keeping his fingers out of his nose (just keepin' it real folks)...

and hitting. (Notice the closed eyes.)

Coach spent lots of time with Chojuk... motivating him... encouraging him... and the more he did, the better he got. So Chojuk wanted to play baseball again this year.

He's a better hitter this year. Check him out!

Whoops. Not that one.

That one either.

There's a good swing!

Run, Chojuk, Run!

He's gotten faster...

and he still makes time to celebrate as he goes. Notice the little victory skip as he's running to first base.

Made it! Whew!

Good job, Chojuk!

Doodlebug check... she's ok. Sleeping the game away! I can rest easy.

He's making a break for second. Will he make it?

Yep. No problem.

Alright. We're getting close. I'm ready...

And he's off!

Oh, No! This one was hit right by third base. Run, Chojuk! Don't watch the ball! JUST RUN!!

That third baseman looks ready. Don't slow down now!

Did I make it?

Whew! Did you see that Coach?!?

Oops... no time to chat. Gotta run home.

Oh, yea. I'm going to make it. I'll just coast in...

I love to score... and the crowd loves me too!

Thanks folks! Thanks for coming to see me play!

Just doin' my job. See ya next season!

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Amy said...

This is to funny! This reminds me of a picture I have of Ben (that you took) of him on third base with his finger up his nose!