Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie!

The baby birds are getting bigger. One morning, I glanced out the window and noticed one of the babies was OUTSIDE of the nest. How did this happen? Was he flying? Did I miss it? How exciting!
While I was waiting for the baby bird to gather the courage to fly off, Mrs. Barnswallow arrived with breakfast. Once again, there was pushing and shoving... Feed me! No, me! Over here, Mama! He got the last moth! When is it my turn?!?
And then there were three. Out of fear that the little guy had fallen into the clutches of my ferocious bird and cat eating dogs, I ran outside to check on him. Only to find this...

He HAD fallen out of the nest. Or so it seemed. Poor little guy. I couldn't just leave him there to be eaten by the dogs. I had to do something. Call 911!
Nutty Papa to the rescue! The Nutty Papa is an animal lover, although these birds aren't on the top of his list. Especially these... muddy nest making, staining the house, poopin' everywhere... barnswallows. But for the love of his wife, The Nutty Papa strapped on his gloves and went outside to rescue the baby bird.

He gently scooped up the baby bird and lifted it ever so gently up to the nest. As he was placing it back in the nest...

the little guy flew himself back down to the window ledge. I guess he'd had enough of sharing space with those greedy moth grubbing brothers and sisters of his and just wanted to be on his own. Well, being the only child that I am, I just don't understand these needs. You are lucky to have brothers and sisters. Enjoy them, dang it! It's no fun to have no one to play with! Please, Nutty Papa, try again. Stick him up there with his brothers and sisters so he won't be alone.
And as the Nutty Papa reached up with the baby bird to place him in his nest, something unpredictable happened. Something unexpected. Something amazing...
They all flew away.

Now I wish I could say that the Nutty Papa only temporarily scared those baby birds out of their safe and comfortable home. But that's not true. I have kept the light on for them every night. I have called for them. Looked for them. They have disappeared. As a Mama, I worry about them. I hope they are doing OK. I hope they know how to find food. I hope they are together. Not alone. I hope they are happy.
But there comes a point where you just gotta let go.

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