Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Birthday in the Nutty Forest

My Snugglebug had a birthday while I was in time out. (By the way, I've been a good girl so I'm out of the naughty corner and I'm downloading again. Yippee!) He's 5. I can't believe it! Seems like just yesterday we brought him home and introduced him to Chojuk.
Chojuk was thrilled, can't you tell.

At first, theirs was a relationship of tolerance. Chojuk tolerated having a little brother, someone to share Mom and Dad with. Now, it's a truly loving relationship. They are good buddies, and I'm so glad they have each other.

I digress...

The Snugglebug celebrated his birthday with another homeschool family, our favorite Aunt, and his godparents (AKA the cookie lady). We ate cake and cookies, opened presents and had a great time.

On the day of his actual birth, we like to have a family only party. We let the birthday boy call the shots. So on The Snugglebug's birthday we gave him 2 choices: go to Sea World and play in the waterpark, or go to the Reptile Expo and look at, well, reptiles. I should have known better than to offer the Reptile Expo as an option. I have an abnormally strong fear of snakes and just being in a room with them makes my heart race. But for the love of my precious child, I'm willing to make some sacrifices.

We ran into a few of these snakes. I actually think this one is pretty. I love the color. We have a favorite book around here called "Verdi" about a green snake much like this one. And while standing there taking this picture, my heart was only mildly racing. I'm getting better, I guess.
We also ran into this guy. Isn't he cool! We just read somewhere about how chameleon eyes can look two different directions. So when we saw him, we just sat there for a while and watched his eyes. It was amazing! (And my heart rate came back down.)
The purpose of the Reptile Expo is for people to sell their reptiles. So everything is extremely hands on. As we were walking by this table, the man had this bucket open and was letting another woman hold a snake. The Snugglebug, being the animal lover that he is, ran right over and started picking them up too. See the smile. He loved it! There's Chojuk behind him, keeping a healthy distance. The Nutty Papa is right beside the Snugglebug making sure he's doing it right.

And I'm way over here with my zoom lens getting every happy moment digitally. Seeing my Snugglebug over there handling those snakes did make my heart race a little. In fact, writing about it is making my heart beat faster. But I can make it beat faster yet. Watch this...

"Mama, can I have a pet snake?"


I can only sacrifice so much.

Happy Birthday anyway, My Dear Snugglebug!

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