Friday, May 30, 2008

The Reception Begins

After the wedding, we all drove a few blocks down to the reception. It was beautifully decorated. The blue flowers had made their way over there and they were on the tables. And the center pieces were tall vases filled with white and blue flowers... and sticks. Later I learned the sticks were dogwood. My mother-in-law saved some of the sticks for her own flower arrangements at home. She's crafty that way.

We were met at the door by a candy buffet. Yes, folks. A buffet of candy. A table completely devoted to the sweet toothes (?) of the guests. This was the brain child of the bride. Who would have known that she had such a sweet love of candy. And all the candy in the buffet was blue. Blue M&Ms. Blue Rock Candy. Blue Jelly Bellies. Blue, Blue, Blue! It was awesome!

On the other side of the door, was the guest book. It was so neat. I want to get married again just to get one of these books! (I would, of course, marry the same man. We've talked about doing this. If we did, I know who'd plan it!!) The book table had Polaroid cameras on them and you were to take your picture and put it in the book. Then sign it. How clever is that?!? I imagine years from now, the bride and groom will look at those books with awe at all the guests that were at their wedding. And when the groom says, "Who was that crazy Aunt of yours who interpreted at our wedding?" BAM! There I am. In the book. Great, I tell you!

After we signed the book, we walked around and visited. I tried to follow the bride around with my camera and take pictures of her with various people. I was annoying, I know. But I have a blog to maintain and you needed the details. You can thank me later.

Anyway, I snapped a great picture of the newlyweds with my Father-In-Law...

and with SuperMom and her husband, my brother-in-law. SuperMom has 5 children and is the busiest woman I know. What makes her super? She has a clean house, always looks beautiful (and clean) and is the most organized woman on the planet. I cower in her shadow.

Did I mention there was a candy buffet?!?

At the reception, my sister-in-law, the mother-of-the-bride, the party planner extraordinaire, was finally able to kick off her heels and celebrate. She had been planning and dreaming about this wedding for 18 months. Now she could truly enjoy the fruits of her labor. It was great to see her having fun.

The groom had a chocolate cake. I am not a big chocolate cake eater, but everyone said this one was phenomenal. It was spiffied up more than a traditional chocolate cake... and by that I mean there were some fancy flavors in there to enhance the chocolate taste.

The bride opted for a less traditional cake. Although I am a big fan of white bridal cake... and by big fan, I mean I have been dieting so I could have an entire layer for myself... this cake was really fun! Each layer was a different flavor. One flavor was Italian Creme and the other layer was red raspberry. Unfortunately, this forced me to eat 2 pieces of cake so I could taste which one was the best. The Italian Creme won hands down. The red raspberry was good, but strong. You'd have to be a big fan of red raspberry filling. The Italian Creme was so good, I had to have an extra piece just to make sure it was really my favorite.

The bride also chose not to feed the cake to her groom, another nontraditional approach. I rather appreciated that choice. This meant when I was finished eating my meal, I could dive right into the cake without having to be polite and wait for the bride. Isn't that considerate of her?

This is what happens to a beautiful cake when a Doodlebug is left unattended. Oops!

And what party would be complete without an open bar. But we couldn't stop at an open bar, oh, no. At each place, there was a list of premium adult beverages that they suggested we try. It was impressive. And wouldn't you know, most of them were blue. I rather enjoyed the blue cosmopolitan. But the Wedding Cake drink was cool too!

Gotta love being Catholic!
(Seriously, though, he was just being a polite guest and serving this pitcher to the folks at his table. But he took some serious ribbing for walking across the room with it!)

I mentioned the MND monograms when I was talking about the swag a couple days ago. It was everywhere. My sister-in-law must have spent a lot of time ordering MND things. There were the ribbons on each basket of swag, the individually wrapped cookies from the swag baskets, stationary for all the notes and directions, napkins, coasters and...

water bottles! I'm tellin' you. It's the attention to detail that makes a party memorable!

Another considerate thing my sister-in-law did was make a special buffet for the children. This buffet was for ages 12 and under and included chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and rolls. How cool was that?!?

This thankful Mama was glad to have food my kids would eat! And the kids were pretty thankful too!

Although I think they appreciated the candy more than the mac and cheese.

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