Monday, May 5, 2008


So many of you have asked... and by many of you, I mean the 2 friends out there who are reading this blog... Hi, friends!.... So, what's with "Chojuk"? Where did you get that? Well, before I go into that, let me just explain about nicknames. I wanted to keep nicknames for everyone to keep it fun and maybe a little more anonymous. Because, you know doing this blog is going to make my family famous and I'd hate to give any fuel to the fire for the paparazzi. You know what I mean?

Anywho, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I went to a childbirth class. You know the ones that teach you about breathing and managing the pain. Ha! The teacher asked the class to tell whether they were having a boy or a girl and if they didn't mind, tell the name for the child. Well, one couple said they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so they decided to call the baby "Shem." They combined "she" and "him." My teacher girlfriend and I thought that was so cute we decided to come up with a name for my baby. She, being the literature teacher and woman of much knowledge that she is, came up with "Chojuk". (You say it "CHO-juke".) It means "baby" in like Turkish or something. And since she and I used it all the time, it stuck.

I tried coming up with gender neutral names for all my other children and couldn't find any that weren't gender specific. And since I don't know whether I'm having a boy or a girl until I meet them for the first time, I didn't want to take any chances. So the rest were, unfortunately, just "the baby". However, "Chojuk" will always have a special meaning in my heart.

My middle two are my bugs. We like bugs around here. My 4 year old is my self proclaimed snuggler. He loves to snuggle with Mama. Touch is definitely his love language. So it goes without saying that he's my Snuggle Bug.

My little girl is the Doodlebug. When she was born, Blue's Clues had just released Blue's Room. When Blue goes into her special room, there is a drawing board in there that doodles. While he doodles he chants, "Doodle, doodle, doodle. Doodle, doodle, doodle." It's catchy. So I would chant that around the house. She would giggle every time. Thus, the Doodlebug.

And finally, my baby is the Baby. I might come up with something later. But for now, because he is, and forever will be, he's The Baby.

This ends our little Nutty Family lesson for the day. Now go enjoy yours!

The Nutty Mama

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