Thursday, May 1, 2008

My New Neighbor

This is my new Neighbor, Mrs. Barn Swallow. She and her husband are building a house right outside my kitchen window. They occasionally stop to visit, but all in all they are very busy. It's interesting to watch them build. Get a little mud. Put it in place. Get a little more mud. Put it in place. My son, the Snuggle Bug, has a bird book and it says they'll make 1000 trips before completing their new home. (Kudos to the guy who sat there and counted all the trips. Talk about not having anything better to do with your time!)

I enjoy having a new neighbor. They are polite. They are good listeners. They'll listen when I tell them all about my day while I do the dishes. And they are good teachers. I'm learning a lot about how to build a good home... for a swallow.

The only bad thing about my new neighbors is that they go to bed before I do. They settle in at dark and I'm just getting started around then. I hate turning on the lights and waking them up. So I'm adjusting to their early schedule. I am making an attempt to finish the dishes before dark so I don't disturb them. I imagine it's quite alarming to have someone throw on the lights and wash dishes while you are trying to sleep. I'm going to be considerate.

Welcome to the Nutty Forest, Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow.

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