Saturday, May 31, 2008

Merriment was had by All

After we ate, the party really got started.

The bride and groom danced... so did the Doodlebug.

My sister-in-law hired a band. Initially, the Nutty Papa and I weren't so sure about this. We didn't think a band could keep the energy up during the dancing like a DJ could. Boy, were we wrong! The band did lots of fun things to keep us interested. They had a fun time with the Father-Daughter dance. (I missed out on those pictures because my battery died!) The Father and Daughter did a Saturday Night Live spin where they danced and insisted the music needed more cowbells. The longer they danced, the more cowbells started popping up all around the reception hall. It was crazy! Even Grandpa came out banging a cowbell. It was fun!

Then they had the bride get out there all by herself. They told her to "Do her thang" like no one was watching. And she did. I was impressed. That girl can move!

Then they invited the groom to join her and to show us their moves. And let me tell you, that groom has some moves folks!

Finally they invited the parents of the bride and groom out and they got to show off a little too. Did you know my sister-in-law and brother-in-law can really cut a rug? Well, they can. I promise!

The Baby and I even got out there and did our thing... he's still working on his moves. But he shows real potential.

The kids were in perpetual motion. They danced and danced. And when they weren't dancing...

they were outside discovering new things to do. The Doodlebug had to be rescued by another mom, SuperMom to be exact, because her mother was too busy partying to notice the peril. She dance until her feet were blistered, and then went outside and dropped a huge rock on her foot. SuperMom swooped in and bandaged her right up. I'm glad someone was there to rescue her. Thanks, SuperMom!

Eventually, the Doodlebug made her way back onto the dance floor. She's learning dance etiquette. She's gotta learn when she isn't interested in dancing with a fella, she's gotta turn him down gently. She hasn't learned that yet. She just dances with everyone. But she's not always happy about it.

The Baby was the first one to pass out. I was amazed he could sleep with all the music and partying going on. Just goes to show, if you are tired enough, you can sleep anywhere!

The most romantic moment of the evening was a tender moment on the dance floor with my Mother- and Father-in-law. He's not getting around as confidently as he did 10 years ago, so seeing him whirl his bride around the dance floor made my heart flutter.

Some people partied too hard.

Chojuk, however, waited patiently for his moment in the spotlight. He had been practicing his dance moves, see. He was waiting for his moment to shine... to do the Cha Cha Slide.

The bride and groom left around 9:30pm. They hopped in their painted up rental vehicle and took off. It was a quiet exit. No rice. No birdseed. They just slipped out the door while the rest of the guests continued to party into the night.

And after they left, Chojuk finally got his moment. Check him out! He really knows what he's doing! I was so proud... and relieved they finally played his song. He'd have been heartbroken if he hadn't gotten to do his thang.

We had such a great time with our family and friends. I can't wait until the next party my sister-in-law throws. I wonder what she'll have up her sleeve next time?!?

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