Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little Lessons from a Bird

I am obsessed with this nest. I love watching it. Seeing what will happen everyday with Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow. My kids talk about them. Tell their friends about them. They are included in our nightly prayers. Obsessed, I tell you. Tuesday morning, Chojuk jumped on the kitchen counter to take a peek into the nest. "Mama! There are two!!" WHAT?!? Two eggs? I have to tell people about this. What will they say? Two eggs?!? How exciting! But before I was able to post about the two eggs, another day dawned and low and behold...
THREE eggs! Three eggs now! How long will this continue? Will poor Mrs. Barn Swallow lay an egg a day for a week?!? That's crazy!

It got me thinking... Thank God we don't do that. Have a baby a day for 3 days... or longer. Can you imagine the labor? "Congratulations, Mrs. Nutty Mama! It's a girl.... what's that?... you were hoping for a boy... well, let's see what comes out tomorrow!" Labor for 3 days. Pushing for 3 days. Hospital food for 3 days?!? It puts it into perspective. Everything could be worse. When God said it'll hurt now to have babies, he really did us a favor. It could have been a baby a day for 3 days. God said, one labor. One day. Not always one baby... but drugs! God let some wonderful person out there invent drugs. Makes it so much more bearable! (...for those of us weenies who get the drugs for labor. For those of you who don't, God Bless you!)

So look for the little blessings everyday. For this one, I am SO thankful!

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Amy said...

I am enjoying the heck out of your stories!