Monday, May 12, 2008

The Growing Farm Princess

We celebrated the Doodlebug's 3rd birthday this past weekend. As the token farm princess of the family, she has a special role in the family. She's there to help the boys learn how to treat girls... their future wives. (Not that they'll have lots of wives. Grammatically speaking I couldn't say their future wife, then it sounded like they were all going to marry the same girl and we can't have that either. No, we are encouraging each son to marry one girl. The Nutty Papa tells me being married to more than one woman would be exhausting. But with the stuff in the news about polygamy, we had to be clear.) Anyway, with the Doodlebug around, the boys learn how to interact with a peer aged female. So far, they haven't gotten it. She's just one of the guys as far as everyone is concerned. Try as I might to teach her the girlie things in life, bugs and dirt have her heart. But since the beginning, I've been fighting the tomboy thing. This is my favorite picture from her first year. See the tongue? It was her happy-meter. The more tongue you saw, the happier she was. The happy-meter has been retired. She replaced it with words. My Dad told me girls are different than boys. He says when girls wake up it's like someone flipped a switch and they just start talking. Blah, Blah, Blah. All day long. And no one flips the switch off until they go to bed. That's the Doodlebug. She follows me around the house all day just talking.
This is the Doodlebug's first taste of chocolate cake. She loves chocolate. It's a great carrot. "If you (fill in the blank) I'll give you some chocolate." BAM! It's done. Except for potty training. It's not working there. She knows what she's supposed to do there. Sit on the potty. When my sister-in-law kept the kids one night, she stuck the Doodlebug on the potty to poop. And she did. Who-hoo was there a celebration! My sister-in-law did the dance. Sang the song. Gave the high fives. When I picked the kids up, we all celebrated. Yea! Doodlebug pooped on the potty! Now, when you ask her why she didn't poop on the potty, she says, "I did! I went poopy on the potty at Auntie's house!" Like, been there. Done that. Now what? You want me to do it again?!? Not today. No amount of chocolate has been able to inspire a repeat performance. But I'm hopeful.
This is the Doodlebug at 2. She's got her first pigtails. Aren't they cute? I was so excited the day I put pigtails in her hair. I have tried to put piggies in her hair everyday, but she just doesn't let me. She doesn't have the time to sit there and be fussed with. She has places to go and things to do. Sitting still to have her hair fixed isn't a priority. We haven't had a haircut yet. I'm waiting until I get a nice long scrap for her scrapbook.
Here's the Doodlebug just last month. She's 3 now. I am so thankful for my little girl. She really mixes things up. Brings a little feminine energy to the mix. I love that about her. She is a busy girl too. And the thing with the Doodlebug is you have to watch her. She isn't a naughty girl. She just does things you wouldn't think to tell her not to do. Like I recently caught her in the Suburban playing. I had told her many times not to get into my pack of gum. She just opens a piece, puts it in her mouth, chews it, and swallows. Then goes for the next piece. So, no gum for the Doodlebug. Well, on this occasion, when I opened the door to the Suburban, she had found a piece of gum that I had chewed and then spit out in a receipt. She had pulled the receipt apart and had the gum stretched from the front of the Suburban to the back and everywhere in between. I never told her not to play with ABC gum. (Already Been Chewed gum, for those of you who didn't know.) Leave it to the Doodlebug to find trouble.

So happy 3rd birthday, Doodlebug. May you have many more years of dirt, bugs, and mischief. I am so thankful to have you in our family and in my heart.

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