Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Ceremony

I managed to interpret the ceremony without much issue. I did flub the homily. I forgot to tell the deaf people when they were supposed to respond. And I forgot about 1/4 of the signs. But I muddled through. And for free interpreting, it was pretty good.

This is what I saw during the ceremony. I was planning on interpreting next to the priest, however there was a woman with low vision and she needed me closer. She actually watched me through a scope like a sailor. It was a first for me and proof that you are never finished learning about the world you are living in.

The priest's sermon was really good. He talked about the concept of a marriage being 50-50. When he started, I was thinking, "No... it's more like 40-60 some days, and 60-40 other days." But as he talked, he said that to say a marriage is 50-50 is inaccurate. It really should be 100%-100%. If both people aren't willing to give 100% all the time, it's going to be hard. He even reminded the bride and groom that when she is pregnant, to which she scowled at the crowd, he needs to forgo his play time if she is in need of his assistance or company. I'll be sure to remind them of this when that comes along.

This is the bridal party... minus one groomsman. I can't find him. I think he stepped out for a minute. Each guy had a gal that they escorted out of the church at the end, except for the missing man. Maybe that's why he's missing. Since he looked like such a stud muffin walking two ladies out, maybe he was swarmed by the single women and he can't find his way back into the church for pictures... maybe not.

I really liked the flowers. They were pretty. I loved that they were blue. And simple. Lovely.

This is the bride with her family. The handsome guy on the left is my father-in-law. He's celebrating his 80th this year. He's been a workin' man all his life; military, sales, but above all, a rancher. The lady he's got a pretty good grip on is his wife. She's the first love of the Nutty Papa's life. He's a Mama's boy and with good reason. She's a wonderful lady. Behind the groom hides my sister-in-law, her husband, and my niece. She's studying to be a chef at Emeril's alma mater. BAM! (Although she's not the BAM! type. She's more of a "Ta-da!" or "Voila!" type.) It's cool to know someone doing something so different with her life. I'm enjoying her ride from the back, back, back seat.

Here is my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, their daughter, their new son-in-law and the outlaws. My sister-in-law is the mad genius behind much of the cool stuff that happened over the weekend. I have never been to a party that she's thrown that I didn't thoroughly enjoy myself. Seriously, she should do this for a living. Someday, I'll tell you about her youngest daughter's graduation party. Cool.
Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on the reception. And hang on to your hats folks, it was quite a party!

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