Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

This weekend, one of my many nieces is getting married. I always look forward to parties thrown by my in-laws. They really know how to have a good time. This party in particular should be spectacular because my sister-in-law who is throwing the party really knows how to throw a good party. She plans everything right down to the wire. Things I'd never think of. Brilliant.

I'm a little nervous about this wedding though. See, I have a small role in it. It seems my soon to be nephew-in-law comes from a church with a deaf population. So, my niece asked me to interpret for the wedding. Since I love my niece more than my pride, I accepted. However, it's been a long time since I have interpreted anything. Sure, I still sign while I drive. That's how I practiced in college. I'd just sign whatever was on the radio. I still do that. And the kids ask me every once in a while how to sign something. However, I can't imagine the priest doing a lot of talking about dogs and milk at my niece's wedding. So I'm nervous.

I'll just do my best. I'm a little rusty. But even if I flub it up, I imagine the deaf people will get what's going on. It is a wedding. And if I get stuck, I can always talk about dogs and milk.


Amy said...

"Do you Rover take Bessie to be your lawfully wedded milkmaid?"

mac said...

Well, he probably won't be saying much about Arnold Schwarz(whatever) or photosynthesis so you'll probably be alright ;)