Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, Well, Well

They took the pump out of the hole on Saturday. There it is. See that piece of pipe that has wires on it? That's it. I know. I'm not too impressed either. But if you knew the price of that not so impressive piece of machinery... you'd be amazed. Apparently, when you put a pump in a hole and turn it on, it vibrates. The wires vibrated right off that baby. That's it. That was the problem. Nothing exciting like getting zapped by lightning. Just loose wires. It had been working hard getting water to those trees. I guess it needed a break. Hey, after workin' hard around here, my wires get a little loose too.
And this is the hole it came out of. It normally has a nice cover on it. But my friends and I were curious how a child could fall down a well and get stuck. After removing the cover, you can see how that could happen.

Since the pump was out of the hole, our local water conservation guy came out to measure the water level. This can only be done when the pump is out of the hole. Last year, during the monsoon, the water read 113 feet. Dig a hole 113 feet down into the ground and there's water. Well, that's how far you'd have to dig last year. This year you'll have to work a little harder. It's at 115. Don't worry, Abuck. That well is far from drying up!

And for those of you who are curious to see how deep 115 feet is, there it is. The water conservation guy said you can shine a mirror down there and see the depth. So we did. It's much more impressive in real life. You'll have to trust me on this one.
They are plugging that baby back in as we speak so the trees will be served their spring dose of food. Yummy! Sorry for the delay folks. (Hope that doesn't mess up my tip!)

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