Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We interrupt this farmin' to bring you...

We caught a bug. Not a bug in the trap. This bug won't hurt the trees, but we caught it none the less. This is the most detested bug in my life. I hate this bug above all other bugs... and that's saying something. Seems we caught a stomach bug.

I hate when my kids get stomach bugs. My oldest is pitiful when he gets one. He's weak and whiny. When my second born gets them, he knows exactly what to do and takes care of himself. He's kinda tough that way. This is the first time my Doodlebug has caught a stomach bug. It's kickin' her butt. She's been throwin' up for 36 hours. We are on our way to the doctor to get some fluids. But let me tell you, my Doodlebug is one stubborn gal! She'll toss her cookies and then look at me with all seriousness and ask for water. Beg for water. Scream for water. If I leave the room, she sneaks out of the room and finds water. Then proceeds to throw it all up. Stubborn. I wonder where she gets it?!?

So I'm hangin' my farmin' hat on a hook for today and I'm being a watchdog.

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Amy said...

Oh NO! I'm sorry you are all sick! I'll try to fax you some gatorade.