Monday, April 14, 2008

Second on my list of To-Dos...

So the pump is down. No pump. No water. But I still have to spray. This makes me weak at the knees. Last year the pump was down and I didn't spray when I should have and I lost the crop. I absolutely can't have that happen again.
So the wheels in my brain begin to turn. Water. Water. Where can I get water? I know! We have the most Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbors. I'll ask them. Maybe I can buy some water from them.
Turns out, my Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbors are more than wonderful. They are a beautiful reminder of a time when life was a little more carefree and simple.When I call the Daddy Cotton Farmer he says, "Sure! Drive that ol' rig on over and we'll fill it up. And don't worry about buyin' that water. Water's cheap!" Can I get a hallelujah?!? I can spray! Yippee! My Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbors just saved the day!
The next mornin', I'm makin' plans to drive my Monster over there and I talk to Grandpa Cotton Farmer. "Hey, we have a nurse tank. Why don't you just let us fill it up and bring it over to ya?" After I picked myself up off the floor, I ran out to the barn and met him there with that nurse tank. It's a 1000 gallon tank which means it'll fill 500 gallon tank on the Monster twice. We have about 13 loads to go. When I tell Daddy Cotton Farmer this, he says, "No problem. Just give me a call when you are done and I'll come get it, fill it up, and drive it back." Now I'm startin' to feel a little guilty about all the help I'm gettin' from my Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbors, so I insist on drivin' the tank back over there myself. "Really, it's no trouble," the Daddy Cotton Farmer says. Gosh! What nice folks! I am so glad they are my neighbors. I did finally convince him he had better things to do all day than to fetch me water. After all, he's a cotton farmer.
When we finish sprayin' the first two loads, I hook up to the nurse tank and drive over to the Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbor's. They meet me beside their tank and we fill 'er up. When I tell you I meet them beside a tank, I mean this...
This is what a Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbor calls a tank. Not the black thing over there... the lake. They have that by the barn just as pretty as it can be. The Doodlebug went with me over there and she says it's a lake... filled with sharks and even a whale. I wouldn't go that far. It's not THAT big. But it's nice. A little piece of heaven right there in your backyard. They even get to go fishin' there when they aren't busy farmin' cotton, or peanuts, or hay, or cows.
So we got the nurse tank filled up and drive it back over to the Nutty Forest...

...filled up the Monster...

... and started sprayin'. I was so thankful to the Friendly Cotton Farmin' Neighbors. That's a good neighbor. When you need something, there they are. I wish there was more of that in the world. Kinda like the leave your backdoor unlocked, let your kids play in the street, cars unlocked kinda days I hear about from Grandma. It's still out there folks.
Here is the Monster in action. He's a crazy beast, dreamed up and created by Mr. Z, the Original Nutty Farmer. It has two full sized truck engines. One runs the truck, one runs the pump on the back. I have learned more than I'd ever dreamed I'd learn about the inner workings of a truck engine. This Monster is my challenge. There's always something to fix and work on. Thanks to Mr. Pete, the mechanic, the Monster is running beautifully and is getting the job done. We finished spraying on Sunday. Mark that off the list. Still to go: water the trees, feed the trees, and now... deal with weeds.

A farmer's work is never done.

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