Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pumpin' 101

This week, we were geared up to run full force. I was advised by the Great Pecan Man to get to watering, fertilizing, and spraying... as soon as I could.
I was ready to water. Last year, right in the middle of the season, our pump died. It was a sudden death, completely unexpected. We cried and mourned and then got to the business of replacin' the old pump. Well, it's a tough thing to replace a pump. Gotta find someone you trust first and foremost. The folks that the Great Pecan Man recommended were not available for 3 weeks. Well, that just wasn't goin' to work. I needed that pump... NOW! I found someone locally and they were available to put the pump in in 3 days. So I went with them. But I drug my feet. I didn't know if I should increase the size of the pump... how much water I really wanted to come out of the hole... how often I'd pump... things like that. Things that Mr. Z, the original Nutty Farmer would have known right off the top of his little ol' head. But I didn't. And I was wary of spending that kinda money without thinkin' it through. Well, I finally got around to getting a pump put down that hole and wouldn't you know, the rain began. It rained and rained. So I never really got a chance to use that nice new pump. But I'm ready now. So I fired up that shiny new pump and started irrigating. The trees breathed a sigh of relief with the sprinklin' and yummy food that I gave them. Atleast the first 274 trees did. As I was watering the second section, the pump stopped. So did my heart. I called the pump guy and he came right out. "Tell me the news," I said. "Is it good news or bad news?" "Well, I'm gonna have to pull it outta the ground." Uff-da Mega! That wasn't the news I was hoping for. He says it'll be Monday before he can get it out. Well, surprise, surprise! Saturday morning, a team arrived to pull it out of the hole. And for those city folks interested in seeing what that means...
Here is the rig they use to pull it. Not the little thing on the right... that's the rig I use to haul munchkins around. That big monster thing with a crane on the back of it. The pump is danglin' in a hole in the ground by a big long bunch of screwed together pipes. First they have to pull the pipe out... one... piece... at... a... time.
They lift up the first 12 foot pipe and then have to use their brute strength to unscrew the first piece of pipe from the second. They have some crow bars and chains... but mostly, they just have to push... HARD!
The guy in the cammo managed it all on his own. I kept waiting for him to do some fancy Jackie Chan move and jump kick the thing. He just pulled and yanked... all with his own body weight. I have a lot of body weight to throw around, but I don't think I could have gotten those two pieces of pipe apart.
After he gets it apart, the other guy pushes a button and the crane ever so gently lowers the first piece of pipe to the ground. Then they pull up the next piece of pipe and do it all over. And in case you were wondering, there are 12 pieces of that pipe reachin' down that hole. It's a long process. Lots of patience, muscle, and sweat. Not to mention trying to do your job with some crazy lady running around taking pictures of everything.
And then there's these two...

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Trish said...

Well.........?????? What was wrong with the pump, I'm dyin' to know here!!!!!