Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On My Game

I had a farm project to complete this morning. Weeds. They are everywhere. They creep into the yard, orchard, driveway. I gotta get 'em under control.

Then there's the gas prices. Paying for gas in the tractor to drive it around killin' weeds... hmmm. There has to be another way.

So it's experiment week in the Nutty Forest. What's the experiment? We are trying to see how little weed killer we can use, with as little gas, and as little labor as possible. Typically we load up the tractor and spray tank and get to drivin'. We kill everything. I love it. I imagine the trees love it. No competition. The Nutty Papa has concerns though. He wonders about soil erosion if there are no weeds holding the ground together. Hmmm.. Valid concern, you say? Nutty Mama to the rescue! My goal is to make everyone happy.

So I rigged up our little Bombardier with a sprayer. The little Bomb doesn't use lots of gas. Good. We can spray up under the trees. Good. And we can leave a little row of weeds in the middle that can be mowed. Nutty Papa happy.

There's my little project. I got that tank a few years ago thinking this might be an option. It only came with a spray gun though. When the metal arm came to the store, I snatched it up. It only has one sprayer though, and I didn't think it got the job done as well as it could. So I ran to my local Tractor Supply store and found a few parts. This morning I put 'em together and gave it a run. Beautiful! Three spray tips now instead of just one. And I'm hooked. I'm going to get me more supplies as soon as the store restocks and add another.

I love doing things like this. Solvin' problems. Building things. It's fun! I don't remember playing with blocks as a kid, but I sure like doing it now. I love days like this when I get to be a little inventor. Gives the kid in me a little candy.

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